Exhibitor Checklist

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Exhibitor Check List

To Have A Successful Show...

Move-in Assignment  
Exhibitor Guest Tickets  
Exhibitor Credential Badge Form  
Publicity Information  
NMMA Boat Show Exhibitor's Insurance  
CE South/George Fern Method of Payment  
CE South/George Fern Special Signs Order  
CE South/George Fern Rental Order Form(Furniture, Carpet, Accessories)  
CE South/George Fern Rental Modular Rentals Order/Custom Furniture  
CE South/George Fern Cleaning Order  
CE South/George Fern Display Labor Order  
Electrical Service Order  
Telephone Service Order  
Natural Gas/Compressed Air/Water Order  
Audio/Visual Service Order  
Floral Order  
NMMA Marine Trades Mailing List N/A